Surprise Girl 1984 Concept: Steve Trevor Is Nonetheless Alive In The DCEU

Wonder Woman 1984 Theory: Steve Trevor Is Still Alive In The DCEU

Might Steve Trevor survive Surprise Girl 1984 and nonetheless be alive within the current timeline of the DCEU? Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince was launched in Batman V Superman: Daybreak of Justice and effortlessly stole the present from the movie’s titular superhero duo. Instantly, a connection was established between Diana and Steve Trevor, performed by Chris Pine, however the full extent of their relationship wasn’t disclosed till 2017’s critically-acclaimed Surprise Girl film.

An ace U.S. pilot in World Struggle I, Steve unintentionally landed on Themyscria and was largely shunned by everybody besides the inquisitive and virtuous Diana, who sought to assist this mysterious stranger in his mission for peace. Diana accompanied Steve to London, and collectively they dealt a decisive blow to Ares and his villainous allies. Tragically, the pair’s blossoming romance got here to a sudden halt when Steve gave his life to cease a airplane full of lethal gasoline, leaving Diana alone and heartbroken.

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In a shocking twist, Pine is confirmed to return as Steve Trevor within the forthcoming sequel, Surprise Girl 1984. Towards the brilliant neon lights of the 1980s, Steve and Diana are proven reunited in trailer footage, with the pilot hilariously struggling to acclimatize to the brand new period. Frequent sense would dictate that by the top of Surprise Girl 1984, Steve should return to the afterlife, however one other unhappy ending for Diana would not (and maybe should not) be how Steve’s story ends.

From the very starting, Surprise Girl 1984 has been clear about Steve Trevor’s return, however the method of his resurrection stays considerably mysterious. Thankfully, the pair of Surprise Girl 1984 trailers launched to date construct a powerful thought of how Chris Pine’s character comes again to life. Pedro Pascal’s Maxwell Lord is likely one of the important villains in Surprise Girl 1984, and may be seen within the trailer holding an ominous-looking stone, promising to grant the residents of the world precisely what they need for. Whereas the precise mechanics stay to be seen, Maxwell Lord seems to grant Barbara Ann Minerva the powers of Cheetah, as per her want, and in addition presents Diana her deepest need – the return of her one real love.

It is cheap to imagine that Maxwell Lord is the reason for Steve’s regeneration, and it seems that the zombie pilot makes probably the most of his miraculous return, reuniting with Diana and selecting proper up the place their romance left off. Diana takes Steve on a whistle-stop tour of the 1980s, and the couple fly amongst a cascade of fireworks, making up for all of the many years they misplaced after Steve’s sacrifice in 1918. However, absolutely, this happiness cannot final?

Lord’s mystical magic preserving Steve Trevor alive is unlikely to be the healthful, pure sort, and little question comes with a hefty price. These unwanted side effects are probably proven when Barbara begins wanting visibly weakened within the more moderen Surprise Girl 1984 trailer. If Steve’s return is just too good to be true, then it in all probability is, and when Diana defeats Maxwell Lord, she’ll absolutely have to revive the pure order and relinquish her lover from the land of the residing as soon as once more. Except, she would not…

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Since a world the place everybody’s deepest wishes come true sounds extra harmful than utopian, Diana will certainly spoil Maxwell Lord’s grand plan by the top of Surprise Girl 1984, saving the day as soon as once more along with her heroism. As DC followers would count on, Diana has given a lot in service to humanity and requested for nothing in return, so it is maybe becoming that she be permitted the reward of happiness for diligently defending the realm of males time and time once more. Because the daughter of Zeus, Diana (or even perhaps Hippolyta) would possibly discover a solution to tether Steve’s soul to the mortal world completely, breaking the legal guidelines of nature to offer the pilot a second likelihood at life, and rewarding the nice deeds he and Diana carried out for the sake of others.

The reunion could be analogous to Steve Rogers’ reunion with Peggy Carter in Avengers: Endgame. Like Surprise Girl and Steve Trevor, the MCU couple had been sworn lovers torn aside by circumstance and obligation. Each Steves sacrificed themselves in planes throughout wartime and had been pressured to go away their respective girlfriends behind, however after the defeat of Thanos, Rogers figured he was due a break and bent the principles of time journey to be with Peggy as soon as once more. Whereas the Historical One would little question look dimly upon Steve’s abuse of the timeline, the story works as a result of the viewers consider Captain America deserves to be completely satisfied after saving the universe. An analogous justification would work simply as effectively for Diana and Steve in Surprise Girl 1984 – the reunion won’t be pure, however the viewers are prepared to look the opposite method due to their heroism.

Assuming Steve is in his 30s throughout the unique Surprise Girl film, he ought to be revived at the very same age in 1984. This implies Steve would possible be in his late 60s in the course of the DCEU’s modern-day, which might reframe (however not robotically contradict) Diana’s appearances in Batman V Superman and Justice League. When Gal Gadot makes her DCEU debut, she’s trying to steal the 1918 photograph of her and Steve from Lex Luthor, and viewers assume that is each to guard her Amazonian id, and to have a treasured memento of her deceased lover. As a substitute, Diana might be making an attempt to maintain Steve a secret somewhat than herself, and the tears she shed when Bruce Wayne unearthed the photograph might merely be from seeing Steve in his youthful years, somewhat than the older man he would’ve been then.

In Justice League, Diana encourages Bruce to maneuver on from Clark, and Batman responds with a barbed retort about Steve Trevor, which earns him a swift, well-deserved punch. Diana’s offended response suggests she’s nonetheless sore over Steve’s loss of life, however this sensitivity might be Diana making an attempt to guard her well-hidden secret that Steve continues to be alive. Steve’s survival would additionally clarify why Diana implores Bruce to maneuver on. Though Batman’s remark was ill-judged, Diana was being hypocritical in telling Bruce to maneuver on whereas she was nonetheless pained over Steve’s loss of life nearly a century earlier. But when Steve was revived completely in 1984, Diana would not must recover from him, making her feedback about Superman much less hypocritical.

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Steve being alive within the DCEU may additionally clear up one other Surprise Girl thriller. After her expertise in 1918, Diana resolves to stay distant from humanity, and continues to take action till becoming a member of the Justice League. In Surprise Girl 1984, nonetheless, Diana seems to be much more energetic and open as Surprise Girl. This means she got here out of the shadows in some unspecified time in the future earlier than 1984, however then went again into hiding previous to Batman V Superman. Steve Trevor’s return might clarify why. Maybe by the 1980s, Surprise Girl had turned a extra energetic superhero, numbing to the miserable nature of mankind. Steve being revived completely would give Diana a motive to go quiet once more forward of a grand return alongside Batman and Superman within the 2010s.

Not solely would Steve Trevor’s survival match inside DCEU continuity, it will additionally present Surprise Girl 1984 with a a lot brisker ending. The unique film wrapped-up with bidding farewell to her new boyfriend as he gave his life for the higher good – an emotional and devastating scene that underpinned Diana’s total character. If Surprise Girl 1984 ends as many followers are predicting, with Diana as soon as once more left behind by a dying Steve, the sequel would end on a remarkably comparable notice. It could be unimaginable to keep away from a way of déjà vu if Surprise Girl 1984 ended with Steve reassuring Diana that she wanted to let him go, promising that she’d be positive with out him earlier than as soon as once more leaving her alone on this planet of males. Killing off the identical character twice within the house of two films can not help however really feel repetitive.

Steve surviving past Surprise Girl 1984 would keep away from these issues and subvert viewers expectations, giving Diana a cheerful ending for as soon as. And with Patty Jenkins all however confirming Surprise Girl 3 for a later date, Steve returning totally would supply Chris Pine a route into the third film, by which he makes an attempt to navigate a mid-life disaster with a never-aging demigod spouse. Surprise Girl 1984 is cleverly switching Diana and Steve’s roles from the primary film, however everybody is aware of Diana cannot die right here within the DCEU’s 1984. Quite than flipping the characters, Surprise Girl 1984 might flip expectations as an alternative.

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