Even Marvel Isn't Positive Why Black Widow Joined SHIELD

Even Marvel Isn't Sure Why Black Widow Joined SHIELD

It is official; even SHIELD do not know why Black Widow joined them. Though the upcoming Black Widow film is not an origin story, most viewers expect it to shine a light-weight on Natasha Romanoff’s MCU backstory. Till now, audiences have needed to accept a drip-feed off info, primarily via the Avengers motion pictures, however that is certainly about to vary.

Black Widow is ready shortly after the occasions of Captain America: Civil Conflict, with Natasha Romanoff now one of many world’s most wished. This forces her to return to Budapest, the place she recruits fellow (former?) Black Widows Yelena Belova and Melina Vostokoff, in addition to the Purple Guardian. It is affordable to imagine they had been unknown to SHIELD, which means Natasha’s pursuers will not hint her to them. Extremely, although, based on this week’s Black Widow Prelude #1, that is not the restrict of SHIELD’s lack of awareness; they by no means knew why Black Widow joined them within the first place.

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The Black Widow Prelude is ready virtually instantly after the principle occasions of Captain America: Civil Conflict, and earlier than Steve Rogers had damaged his allies out of the Raft. Common Thunderbolt Ross is making an attempt to influence the World Safety Council to make the seize of Natasha Romanoff a precedence, and he arranges a personal assembly with Councilwoman Hawley. There, he recounts Natasha’s historical past, and in a single scene discusses how she got here to hitch SHIELD. Extremely, Ross affords three options.

One account is that she bumped into Barton throughout a mission that went horribly flawed. He saved her life, and beneath the stress of the scenario, they bonded. One other is that she saved Nick Fury’s life, and he was so impressed by her that he supplied her a place with SHIELD. It is also doable that the ceremony she underwent brought about her religion in her homeland to deteriorate and she or he wished a contemporary begin. All we all know is, she turned an agent of SHIELD.

It appears Ross and his brokers have completely no concept how Black Widow joined SHIELD. In actual fact, the three theories that he presents are widespread amongst followers, suggesting he has no extra of a clue than anybody who’s watched the varied Marvel motion pictures. And that is truly fairly outstanding, as a result of it is necessary to recollect Common Ross has entry to the previous SHIELD databases, all of which had been revealed on-line in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. He ought to know the whole lot in Natasha’s file; how she got here up on SHIELD’s radar in “the worst doable method,” the precise circumstances of her encounter with Clint Barton in Budapest, and what intelligence she gave SHIELD on the Purple Room.

And but, Common Thunderbolt Ross – the person in control of implementing the Sokovia Accords – is aware of none of this. The analysts he is had working for him have drawn a clean. The one doable conclusion is that Nick Fury had Black Widow’s historical past excised from SHIELD’s information, in the identical type of method he eliminated any reference to Hawkeye’s household. Fury thought of Natasha Romanoff considered one of his greatest, and he protected her, a lot in order that only a handful of SHIELD brokers even knew why Black Widow was now a part of the staff.

Black Widow Prelude #1 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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