Star Trek: Picard Reveals What Seven of 9 Did After Voyager (& It's Disappointing)

Star Trek: Picard Reveals What Seven of Nine Did After Voyager (& It's Disappointing)

Warning: SPOILERS for Star Trek: Picard Season 1, Episode 5

Seven of 9 (Jeri Ryan) has joined Star Trek: Picard, however her actions within the years since Star Trek: Voyager ended are disappointing. Trekkers have been shocked and thrilled when it was revealed that Seven could be a part of Patrick Stewart’s revival collection about Jean-Luc Picard’s twilight years. Seven is a beloved fan-favorite hero who had by no means interacted with any characters from the opposite Star Trek collection so a team-up between Seven of 9 and Picard, who was as soon as Locutus of Borg, is definitely a Star Trek fan’s dream come true.

Seven of 9 joined Star Trek: Voyager within the “Scorpion” two-parter that bridged seasons three and 4, and she or he rapidly turned so widespread, Seven supplanted Captain Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) because the face of the collection. A reclaimed Borg who was assimilated when she was a baby named Annika Hansen, Seven of 9 introduced an air of hazard to the starship as she butted heads with its Starfleet crew, particularly Janeway. And, for followers (particularly males), Seven in her skintight metallic catsuits introduced an plain intercourse attraction to Voyager as effectively. With Seven aboard, Star Trek: Voyager built-in the Borg into the collection for the reason that starship was misplaced within the Delta Quadrant, the area of the galaxy the cyborg race originated from. Seven finally bonded with the crew and sparked a romance with First Officer Chakotay (Robert Beltran); she returned to Earth with Janeway’s vessel in Star Trek: Voyager‘s collection finale, “Endgame”, which was additionally the final time Seven of 9 was seen in Star Trek canon.

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In Star Trek: Picard episode 4, “Absolute Candor”, Seven staged a shock rescue of Picard and beamed aboard his new ship, La Sirena, however followers did not be taught what she’s been as much as after Voyager ended till episode 5, “Stardust Metropolis Rag”: Within the years after the Romulan supernova, Seven of 9 left Earth to affix the Fenris Rangers, which is a vigilante group that patrols Romulan area serving to individuals in want. Picard (and Starfleet) frowns on the Rangers for his or her “lawlessness” and for styling themselves as “decide, jury, and executioner”, however as Seven defined her facet of issues, after Picard give up Starfleet and “gave up” when the Federation turned their backs on evacuating the Romulans, the Impartial Zone collapsed and the Beta Quadrant plunged into chaos. The Romulan Star Empire was no extra and the Rangers, primarily based from the planet Fenris, took it upon themselves to assist hold the peace from the Romulan warlords who have been arising within the star system.

On one hand, it is noble that Seven of 9 turned a galactic sheriff and motion hero who helps the helpless, though it led to tragedy. In 2386, quickly after turning into a Fenris Ranger below her human identify, Annika was tricked by a criminal offense lord named Bjayzl (Necar Zadegan), who wished to reap her Borg implants. Bjayzl kidnapped Icheb (Casey King), Seven’s surrogate son who was additionally a reclaimed Borg launched in Star Trek: Voyager, and violently stole his tech. Seven killed Icheb out of mercy and swore revenge on Bjayzl, which she lastly exacted in “Stardust Metropolis Rag” by disintegrating the prison with phaser rifles at point-blank vary. Nonetheless, it is disappointing that Seven of 9’s life was plunged into violence and ache within the a long time after Voyager returned to Earth, to the purpose the place she turned a stone-cold killer.

Star Trek: Picard supplied no trace of what turned of Seven’s relationship with Chakotay, moreover the truth that it is clearly lengthy over. It is also unhappy that Seven, who nonetheless struggles with affirming her misplaced humanity, did not keep in Starfleet together with her associates from Voyager nor did she discover any happiness dwelling on Earth. Nonetheless, Seven might have been compelled to go away the Federation after synthetic lifeforms have been banned since a lot of her physique nonetheless harbors Borg implants. So, Seven returned to area with the intention to assist these in want after the Romulan supernova however she settled into the “hopeless, pointless, and exhausting” lifetime of a vigilante, in Seven’s personal phrases. Trekkers had larger hopes for Seven of 9 so it is crushing to see the tragic flip her life has taken. Nonetheless, Seven did provide Picard a solution to contact her if he wants her assist so, if and when Seven of 9 does return to Star Trek: Picard, hopefully, she’ll spill among the particulars about what turned of Voyager’s crew that followers are dying to know.

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