Marvel's MORBIUS Simply Advanced Right into a Full-Blown Monster

Marvel's MORBIUS Just Evolved Into a Full-Blown Monster

Warning: SPOILERS for Morbius #4

In his quest to grow to be human as soon as once more, Michael Morbius made a grave mistake that turned him into much more of a monster. His unnatural evolution has continued, as his situation has grown even worse, as Morbius is now a full-fledged beast.

Morbius has longed for a treatment for his vampirism. Born with a uncommon blood illness, Michael Morbius makes an attempt to treatment himself resulting in him turning into a dwelling vampire. In Morbius by Vita Ayala, Marcelo Ferreira, Paulo Siqueira, Roberto Poggi, Dono Sanchez-Almara and VC’s Clayton Cowles, Morbius thought he discovered a treatment that might make him human once more. Nonetheless, the treatment made him solely extra of a monster. Now, he is advanced into an all-new sort of vampire.

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Within the pages of Morbius #4, Michael’s situation quickly will get much less and fewer human. As Elizabeth Nikos, his childhood buddy who’s brother devoted his life to curing Morbius’ solely to be the primary sufferer of his bloodlust, tries to take down the vampire, he solely will get stronger and stronger. Morbius pleads with Elizabeth to cease attacking as he warns her he is about to lose management. She would not relent, utilizing her crossbow to shoot an arrow by way of Morbius’ chest. As an alternative of killing him, it simply makes him angrier.

The shot would not down Morbius. As an alternative, his muscle tissue get larger and his small wings sprout into big ones. Spider-Man pleas with Morbius to not kill Elizabeth, however is met with a wallopping punch that sends the web-slinger flying throughout the room. Morbius turns his consideration again to Elizabeth, the place he tells her she needs she was robust sufficient to take him down. It is clear his bloodlust has considerably elevated with the brand new type. Michael Morbius is not in management – he is a monster. Whereas he was nonetheless bothered earlier than, Morbius had some type of management. In his new type, the monster has taken over.

This does not bode effectively for Elizabeth or Spider-Man. One of many few issues stopping Morbius from feeding on them was the very fact he knew it wasn’t the precise factor to do. Now, there’s nothing stopping him from devouring whoever he needs within the identify of his bloodlust. Morbius’ best concern has come true – he’s a monster in each sense of the phrase. Can he discover his humanity amidst his new evolution? It will not be straightforward. However, Morbius has been preventing the percentages each step of the best way in his transformation – so if anybody can overcome this, it is him.

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